Waste management at the heart of innovation at Living Tomorrow

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Fost Plus organises and finances the selective collection, sorting and recycling of household packaging waste. This makes Fost Plus the facilitator of a unique ecosystem, in which public and private partners work intensively together to promote a circular economy and a sustainable society. The goal? To make Belgium a forerunner in packaging recycling.

To make these concepts easily accessible to the general public, Living Tomorrow and Fost Plus have joined forces to create unforgettable digital and immersive experiences. Visitors will be immersed in a world where technology and sustainability combine to create a better future.

Sustainable waste management at the heart of innovation

Fost Plus believe in building on solid foundations, while integrating new technologies. The selective collection of PMD via the blue bag is a case in point. Continuing to encourage correct sorting is essential to preserving our resources and our environment.

To promote the sorting, collection and recycling of all packaging placed on the Belgian market, Fost Plus have placed sustainable waste management in an innovative perspective as part of their collaboration with Living Tomorrow.

At the Innovation Campus, a virtual reality (VR) animation allows visitors to immerse themselves in the reality of a PMD sorting centre. They will discover the various fascinating stages of this process as if they were packaging themselves. This interactive experience aims to raise visitors' awareness of the importance of waste sorting and motivate them to continue sorting correctly wherever they are, as well as demonstrating the processes that follow blue bag collection.

Artificial intelligence (AI) at the service of sorting

Fost Plus has also developed an intelligent waste island that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help visitors sort waste better. Visitors select a package and scan it. The intelligent waste island recognises the packaging and indicates which waste stream it belongs to.

Fost Plus has started a test project based on artificial intelligence in its sorting centres. It aims to improve processes and maintain high standards. The aim is to gradually improve sorting processes through machine learning. With the integration of artificial intelligence in the sorting stations, Fost Plus aims to ensure that as much packaging as possible immediately ends up in the right fraction before collection. And they are already offering that experience to Living Tomorrow visitors today.

Creation of digital and impactful experiences

Innovation adds value in terms of operational efficiency and opens new doors. Fost Plus is proud to be a key partner in realising this vision of a more sustainable, intelligent and humane future.

Join Fost Plus at Living Tomorrow's Innovation Campus and find out how we will live, work and live in the near future.

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