Joachim De Vos

Joachim De Vos keynote

Who is Joachim De Vos?

Since 1994 Joachim is involved within Living Tomorrow. Today he is co-chairman / managing partner of Living Tomorrow and founder of TomorrowLab.

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Joachim De Vos

As an internationally keynote speaker, author, business leader and professor scenarioplanning at the University of Ghent, Joachim specializes in navigating the complexities of foresight, technology, strategy, and innovation. His expertise is not just theoretical; it's built on a foundation of real-world experience and a deep understanding of how to strategically prepare organisations for the future.

His business and academic contributions are complemented by his literary work, notably his best-selling book "Why Innovation Fails." Co-authored with Kodak’s digital camera inventor Steven Sasson, the book offers a profound analysis of innovation through the lens of the Kodak story, providing invaluable lessons on navigating the pitfalls of innovation.

Joachim's presentations are a masterclass in foresight, filled with passion, vision, and insight. He doesn't just talk about the future; he brings it to life, offering practical strategies and insights drawn from extensive experience in both business and consumer innovation. Engaging Joachim De Vos as a speaker is an opportunity to inspire your organisation with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

On Spotify/Apple Podcast Joachim has it’s own PodCast channel “The Future of Things” where he’s talking about the Future of Innovation, Communication, Retail, Energy, Work, Travel, Education, Food, Entertainment, Money, Sports, Health, Mobility and Living (in Dutch).


  • Why Innovation Fails & the 7 keys to success
  • Scenario Planning – the magic of future foresight in strategic thinking
  • Technology Lenses for the Future – how to build the road ahead ?
  • Introduction to AI: What, Why, Where, Who and …. When ?

His keynotes are given in English and Dutch.

The book can be ordered at Living Tomorrow (promotion prices when ordering keynotes or workshop) or via any online bookstore.

The European President em. Herman van Rompuy introduces the keynote of Joachim De Vos.

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